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Various squadron emblems were used by naval air units with the mission of hurricane reconnaissance from 1943 until 1952. The present emblem of Airborne Early Warning Squadron Four is a legacy of Weather Squadron Two and its predecessors.

In early 1952, the United States Navy commissioned Weather Squadron Two at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. The primary mission of this unit was hurricane reconnaissance. As each squadron in the naval air arm has an emblem that is symbolic of its mission, an immediate effort was begun to develop an emblem for Weather Squadron Two.

patch1.jpg (29281 bytes)

Through means of a squadron-wide contest, designs were received and considered for possible use. The winning design - which has become well known throughout the world -was submitted by Lieutenant (j.g.) M. H. Henry.

Lieutenant Henry's design embodied the basic features of the mission of hurricane Reconnaissance. The background is composed of a gray cloud on a field of white; a green shield; and a sea of blue. The large gray cloud represents a cumulus nimbus cloud formation that is typical of a tropical storm. The green shield is a symbolic color denoting rain on weather maps and charts. The turbulent blue sea across the bottom is another quality of a hurricane.

The double red flags with black centers, located in the lower left-hand corner of the shield are internationally recognized flag signals for hurricanes.

Also, in the upper right hand corner of the shield is an eye. This eye represents the "eye" of a hurricane, which is the goal of the search plane. Across the shield is a bolt of lightning indicating the severity of the weather into which the aircraft must fly.

At the top of the shield are the gold wings of aerographers mate. These wings demote the importance of the "flying weathermen" to the mission of the squadron. Below the green shield, imposed on the blue sea is found a white ribbon pennant that bears the name by which the squadron has become known – "Hurricane Hunters".

This emblem was considered so indicative and applicable to the mission of hurricane reconnaissance that when Weather Squadron Two was re-designated as Airborne Early Warning Squadron Four on December 15, 1953 the insignia was retained as the official squadron emblem.